Nolting Machines

These are just a sample of features the Nolting Longarm quilting machines offer to the serious quilter:

  • We fabricate the bodies from 3/16″ aluminum plate (24″ & larger) for light weight and superior strength. This provides fluid motion for years of comfortable quilting.
  • Sealed bearings on the drive shafts do not need lubrication for a lifetime of smooth operation.
  • Four oil wicks to the moving parts of the head need only one drop of sewing oil every 8-10 hours of sewing.
  • The external brush, 90 volt DC motor is mounted inside the body of the machine, keeping it away from your ears and hair while sewing.
  • The machine plugs into standard 110 volt AC wall outlet. No special wiring needed.
  • Our gear belt drive provides quiet, accurate power to the top shaft.
  • The hopping foot moves over seams and a variety of materials for quality stitches. The foot is also perfectly round for sewing with rulers or templates.
  • On the commercial models, you have a choice of bobbin size: L (conventional bobbin) or M (larger size)
  • The handles are located out of your line of sight. Their vertical placement is ergonomically correct and provides stress free operation. The optional PRO upgrade has fully adjustable handles on the front and back of the machine for the ultimate comfort in quilting.
  • The focusable laser stylist is built to be located either on the front or rear of the sewing head for either linear or single cell patterns.
  • We inject expanding foam inside the body cavity to reduce vibration and noise for comfortable sewing.
  • The fluorescent light is placed for excellent visibility. It can be replaced with an optional blacklight for use with day glow powder or pencils for your unique designs.
  • The standard variable speed controller is infinitely adjustable for just the right speed of operation.
  • The optional Needle Positioner by Intellistitch™ is available with needle up or down, variable speed control, single stitch, repeating single stitch.The optional Stitch Regulators include the PRO ™ upgrade Stitch Regulator by Intellistitch™, which offers setting controls on the front and back of the machine, fully adjustable handles on the front and back of the machine, built in warm-up mode, built in training mode, built in precision mode to allow you to quilt stitch by stitch while using your stitch regulator. It’s the most advanced, easiest to use, and simply the best stitch regulator available today. Our standard Stitch Regulator IS2KN by Intellistitch™ includes all the features of the Needle Positioner plus variable stitch lengths from 1 to 12 per inch, variable speed control with motion detector, single stitch, repeating single stitch, and precision quilting mode.
  • The all-steel table is available in our standard charcoal black finish or new white finish. It comes in two piece construction, making it easy to place in hard to reach rooms. All tables can be made in a variety of lengths to suit your needs.
  • Our cord chain keeps the electrical cord out from under your feet while sewing on the pantograph side of the table, allowing you to concentrate on the pattern. This is a Nolting exclusive.
  • The rollers are located so as to provide easy access to change the bobbin without moving from your location on the quilt.
  • The roller lift holds up the quilt top roller so you can have access to the batting between the layers of the quilt on the 24″ or 30″ machine table. The roller is easily lifted by hand on the 18″ machine table.
  • All tables come with leg levelers, allowing for your custom height adjustment. Hydraulic lift legs are available as an option.
  • The ratchet action advances the takeup roller quickly and easily.
  • The solid wheels are fixed to axles with sealed bearing mounted on the axle for non-binding movement.
  • An additional roller is included for storing up to 2 large rolls of batting under the table.
  • Easy to engage track locks help sew horizontal and vertical straight lines.
  • All new Nolting Longarm machines are predrilled for attaching the popular circle and diagonal line maker Hartley Fence, the Circle Lord or the Quilt-EZ template system.

Nolting machines are built in our Hiawatha, Iowa factory. Nolting offers a one year warranty on the parts and 10 years on the body of the machine.

All Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines can be equipped with any of the available options for a custom system to meet your specific needs.

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